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The following white papers are available for your review, printing, or downloading. You may select them by clicking on the description below. They come from a variety of sources and in different formats. We hope you'll find them useful.

How to Manage Encryption on Windows, UNIX, and Mainframes
A Simple Guide for CIOs, CISOs, Security Admins, and Auditors

How to Protect Voting Machines and Registration Data From Hackers
Simple Steps to Secure Our Elections

Eleven Steps to Make Mainframe Security Audits More Effective and Efficient
Better z/OS (MVS) Security Audits

DB2 Security Features for DSOs and IS Auditors
a guide to some new and some old features

Stu Hendersonís Clear Explanation of Effective z/OS Security Auditing
a proven security audit program for mainframes with z/OS and MVS

Mainframe Security Compliance Management
What is it and how does it benefit me?

How to Secure Mainframe FTP
handout describing how FTP on the mainframe is different and how to secure it

21 Things You Didn't Use to Know About RACF, a Technical Update for Auditors
describes 21 items auditors should be familiar with in order to audit RACF security on an MVS or z/OS system

An Often Overlooked Security Hole in Enterprise Extender and Mainframe Networks
describes potential security hole with Enterprise Extender

Enterprise Extender Security
describes Enterprise Extender and Related Security Risks

Full Tape Security from Security Software and Tape Mgt. Software)
describes how to get full security for tape datasets by using both security software and tape management software

How to Break Into z/OS Systems (PDF Handout from a Presentation)
describes techniques for breaking into MVS (z/OS) systems and how to protect against them

How to Break Into z/OS Systems Through USS, TCP/IP, and the Internet (PDF Handout from a Presentation)
describes techniques for breaking into MVS (z/OS) systems through USS, TCP/IP and the Internet and how to protect against them

Interpreting Output from the RACF SETR LIST Command
explains the output from this command and recommends how you might want to set its options

Interpreting Output from the RACF DSMON Utility
explains the 11 reports provided by this utility and recommends how you might want to set its option for your organization.

The SERVAUTH Resource Class
describes the SERVAUTH resource class in RACF (IBM's security software for mainframe computers), which is used to control connections to TCP/IP networks.

How to Write a Security Policy
shows you practical considerations for writing a computer security policy for your organization.

Trends in MVS Security
shows you the security history and trends in the MVS operating system and helps you to project from them.

Audit Report Guidelines
describes guidelines for auditors to consider to make their reports more effective.

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